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IP Solutions I love Avtech AVN801

Postby batye » Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:49 am

My Review of the AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera with Push Video Alert to your Iphone or Android phone

DISCLAIMER: My review based entirely on my personal opinion and not influenced by AVTECH. Or any other third party…My Review of the
AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera with Push Video Alert to your Iphone or Android phone
As Network Security/IT Security from time to time
I able to get my hands on latest and Greatest Security Gear – new AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera for security budget minded consumer or CIO/CEO of the large company…
Little IP Camera well built and well designed with many features and ability to provide easy simple security

Solution for Remote Surveillance on Multi platform. – Ipad/Ipod/iPhone Android WiFi/3G/4G devices user. Device does support- Apple and Android OS.
Few web browsers, and all of the major mobile device operating systems.

It can stream the live video in HDTV 720p Quality (Progressive Scan), Real-time, 16:9 10 MB built-in memory for video storage.
new AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera is all in one personal or corporate security solution, for security conscious consumer or company CIO/CEO,who want to keep eye on his kid’s/employees, pet’s, home or business. Quality for a competitive price…
It do require an available network connection via router, or a 3G / WiMax dongle for Internet access in your house
And for access on the go – availability of the mobile internet

Here is a review from regular consumer
http://oliverplayground.wordpress.com/a ... simmonsat/

Now let take a look at what this IP camera could deliver:
Human Detection Yes
MIC. Yes
Alarm I/O Yes
Event Record (duration) 5, 10, 20, 40 sec. Selectable Yes
Some one could say oh – NEW AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera is economically priced but trust me it could deliver and outperform more expensive models by D-link and others…

Rich Features:
High End/Quality Image Sensor 1.3MP Live High End/quality image sensor (sensor is produced by a famous manufacture)
Video Resolution SXGA, SXVGA, 720P, VGA, QVGA
Viewing Angle 62.7°
Detection Range 76° wide angle with 6 m long distance at 2m Height (under 30°C)

My first impression of this camera solid quality strong but light plastic body with white color on the device and mounting parts
Take a look at the picture…

Well engineered and designed.
Small but solid build not really heavy… if you compare it to the Window Smart Phone
Shipped out in nice little box with a lot of the information and setup info all over the box…
Here is few pick of the box

Items inside

Included: AC Power Adapter for North America, AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera by AVTECH ,
Manual (easy to use well worded and simple with a lot of the information),
AVN801 Manual: http://www.surveillance-download.com/user/n801.swf

Basic mounting hardware: mounting bracket with screws in the white box.
Adapter for Security Alarm/Monitor
Network Cable…
Mini CD with drivers and information

In my opinion AVTECH gives you total solution for the economical price
Just install/set-up, plug and go – you are protected with your own personal security…
Manual is well written, and includes all necessary information for easy simple setup on
PC with access the default IP address of the AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera with different OS.
Screen shots and diagrams instructions gives easy and
Simple way for new pc/Mac user to set up IPCAM with out any need to call Tech Support.

Here is picture how it would look assembled

AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera Camera by AVTECH is smaller than my Smart Phone but
AVN801 rich on the features:
Easy network setup with your laptop / PC, and iPhone
1.3 Megapixel sensor (sensor is produced by a famous manufacture) with HDTV720p quality, allowing users to Notice minor details more easily
10MB built-in memory storage for video storage
Alarm event notification to your iPhone and Android phones immediately
Option for External alarm I/O device connection
Microphone built-in for one –way monitoring audio transmission
Complete Remote Surveillance Compatibility
– 2 major computer operating systems, Microsoft Windows & Apple Mac-based operating system
– most of the commonly-used web browsers, Internet Explorer® and others
– most of the mobile platforms, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™

– Since AVN801 is all-in-one type. I do recommend for users to use AVN801 with EagleEyes software to do all setting, operation, and backup. – http://www.surveillance-download.com/user/n801.swf

For Dimension please take a look at the pick where AVN801 is with smart phone by it side…
Front of the AVN801

Back of the AVN801

I connectedAVN801 to my network via SAPIDO Wireless 3 in 1 Pocket N+ Broadband Router (RB-1602), logged in and configure it.
AVN801 have very easy to use simple user interface and it do works well with Safari, Opera and IE9… – Remind me of my first router install, simple and easy.
AVN801 do support both ActiveX and QuickTime format, as with all IP camera’s video
Do get a bit of lag but it around but in my opinion it less than half a second or less for me it was barely noticeable…

In my company corporate security environment I tested AVN801 (as extra add on to our layer of security) with Ipod touch 4th gen and Android based Smart Phone
Easy simple Apps install (Check (monitor/streaming) + Control the AVN801 ) for Ipod Touch and Android phone.

I like the quality of the pictures and videos/audio
Here is sample when I try to use camera outside security camera with Push Video:

If the AVN801 spark your interest you could see more on YouTube AVTECH introduction for EagleEyes on mobile device.
I tested and monitor my Co. cubical area when I was away (to see who is using my pen) via Push Video notification anytime someone entering my private cubical area
I did try it on my family and family pet – my Bird – Detection & Tracking and assess control for the door of bird room via attaching external door I/O to the back of the AVN801
Take a look at the picture.

Also you could use it as security camera with remote monitoring plus option to attach compatible External I/O to monitor door/or windows opening away from the camera viewing angle… (Excellent option for Home/Corporate Security)
In my case I use door external I/O to see if any one troubling my bird with opening and closing door away from the camera viewing angle – while I’m away…
When my wife open door

Door Alarm External I/O get triggered and I get Push Video on my phone – all happening in real time as event infolding right before my eyes on the screen of my Android phone…( I could see my bird is safe in the cage – it my wife came to feed her.)
Also I could hear my bird screaming demanding clean water…

Myself as visual person I would like to mention few options I really like:

Event Record (duration) 5, 10, 20, 40 sec. Selectable and 10MB space to store important events inside camera
Option to have Alarm I/O sensor attached
Mic builds in for one-way communication.

On the final note: AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera is good home or corporate security solutions for anyone… who want Security for the right economical price. I do recommend it as an economical IP camera total security solution at the present time…

Soon this great camera available in Canada
The Price of the AVN801 – Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera Camera by AVTECH will be announced – if you interested please keep checking AVTECH web site -http://www.eagleeyescctv.com/index.aspx The retail price of AVN801 should be around $150 USD in USA. But do note -price of the AVN801 may vary from different country due to the currency exchange rate or variation of the prices at your local stores or your local supplier.
At the present time Official AVTECH distributor in Canada is CPCAM Co. here is the link http://www.cpcamcctv.com/En/index.aspx

Also do take a look at – AVN801 DEMO SITE: http://www.eagleeyescctv.com/Demo_1.aspx

Few years ago it would cost you at least $1000 or more… (AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera by AVTECH you could get it for much less but with more user friendly futures.)
AVTECH AVN801 -Push Video All-In-One HD IP Camera able to deliver Security solution for economical price with out compromising quality.

Furthermore, you can acquire more information on the websites below:
AVN801 Manual: http://www.surveillance-download.com/user/n801.swf
AVN801 DEMO SITE: http://www.eagleeyescctv.com/Demo_1.aspx
Scenario Application Video for Push Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS9kNScyPqo
EagleEyes: http://www.eagleeyescctv.com/index.aspx
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/avtecheagleeyes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AVTECH-Ea ... 2131631242

Also I would like to mention again- DISCLAIMER: My review based entirely on my personal opinion and not influenced by AVTECH. Or any other third party…
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