IP Solutions AVN80X Review

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IP Solutions AVN80X Review

Postby MSaTec » Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:48 am


This AVTECH IP security camera is designed especially for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Just download the FREE app "Eagle Eyes" app and start viewing your security camera in just minutes. You'll always know whats going on at your home or business with its Push Video feature that sends an event notification immediately to your mobile device once a specified event type is triggered. Use your mobile device to update camera settings or to log into the IP camera for zoom/pan/tilt options or to turn on the LED light for dark rooms. This IP security camera records directly to the 8GB Micro SD card (included), or you can upgrade to a 16GB card.

AVTECH just released the previous model AVN304 a couple months ago. If you could not remember it, you can see my previous article (AVN304 review). Now AVTECH puts its foot a step forward nimbly and aims to replace its old model with the new one AVN80X.

Unboxing :
The AVN80X arrived in a neat little rectangle box, not to bulky or with excess packaging like a lot of products you buy these days. Inside the box I found the AVN80X camera, compact adjustable stand, power cable and quick start guide with straight to the point setup instructions.

Package Content:
When I unboxing the AVN80X, it comes with camera body, adapter, bracket, and a quick start manual. The only main difference is that this model has a Micro SD Card Slot.

When I received the wireless router, I thought AVTECH have a new technology to turn their IP CAM into wireless, but I was wrong. This is a normal wireless router, which means I still need to use a wired network line to connect to the AVN80X.
In other words, this IP camera still operates with a wired network and is not equipped with a wireless chip itself.

Windows 7:
The login interface is no difference compared to the previous version. When you first time login, the software will analyze your network environment to ensure this IP CAM can connect outside.
Image ImageImage

Video Comparison (1280 x 1024 vs. 720p vs. 320 x 240) :
For the best quality (1280 x 1024), you have to move around the screen to see the entire image. As advertised, the HD image is clear and has high quality. For the quality (320 x 240), the image is relatively smaller.

LED light:
Compared to AVN304, AVN80X has a better control of LED light in that you can adjust the strength of light by yourself.

It plays security sounds and can be triggered. The sound is loud enough to scare thieves. In addition, it comes with the audio detection function. That is, when the system detects sounds, the alarm can be triggered.

Push Video:
Push Video is just really the best feature that AVTECH puts into this little security camera. With the new firmware 2031 it is possible to record events directly into the 10MB internal storage. So you are able to receive event notifications with the related video event even if you don’t have a SD-Card inside or if this one was stolen.
While you are watching the video event you can switch to “real time” watching to have a look around if there is anybody actually near the AVN80x.
After you received video events you also be able to send these via email or use the backup function to store them.

Two-Way Audio:
Compared to AVN304, AVN80X provides two-way audio communication. The sound quality is okay but the volume is a little bit small. It is good to have two-way audio communication, but the function still needs to be enhanced.
Recording Video:
Compared to AVN304, AVN80X accepts a Micro SD card to record video clips. The manual and instruction is vague because I though SD refers to regular SD rather than Micro SD. They should provide more detailed information about this function and compatibility issues. By clicking the gray circle, it will start recording videos.

DPTZ Navigation:
With DPTZ, you can enlarge the image and focus on certain objects.

I always like to watch videos on my iPad with EagleEyes HD because of better experiences and qualities.

I always like to watch videos on my iPhone with EagleEyes Plus too because of better mobility.


• I see a lot of improvements for this new model. However, I look forward to seeing wireless to be added in this device in the future. Wired IP CAM is a hurdle for many people to get a line in every corner.

• Setting up the camera does assume a reasonable level of pc literacy, however it is not difficult and the instructions are clear and concise, most users should be up and running in about 15 minutes?!

• The picture quality is good across all light levels and gives nice HD720 resolution with good colour temperature and contrast.

• The build quality of the camera is excellent; it looks and feels better than equivalent cameras costing much more.

• Push Video is a real advantage with this camera and it worked seamlessly, sending video clips instantly to my Iphone and iPad.

How to buy in Germany: Logilink (http://www.logilink.eu/showproduct/WC0022.htm)

Network Compression: H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
Multiple Video Streaming
(Encode Modes, IPS,
Resolution): 3 (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4)
LAN Speed: 10/100 Based-T Ethernet
Supported Protocols: DDNS, PPPoE, DHCP, NTP, SNTP, TCP/IP,
Frame Rate: NTSC:30, PAL:25
Number of Online Users: 10
Security: Multiple user access levels with password
Web Access: Internet Explorer on Windows operating system
Image Sensor: 1,3MP Live MOS image sensor provides you crisp clear images
Video Resolution: SXGA, SXVGA, 720P, VGA, QVGA
Min Illumination: 0.1 Lux / F1.5, 0 Lux (LED ON)
Shutter Speed: 1 / 60 (1/50) to 1 / 100,000 sec.
S/N Ratio: More than 48dB (AGC off)
Lens: f3.8mm / F1.5
Viewing Angle: 80.4° (Diagonal)
White LED: YES (1W, 10 meters) Allows you to illuminate the scene manually, scheduled timer, or triggered by a motion/alarm/or audio event.
White Balance: ATW
AGC: Auto
PIR Sensor: Detection Range 76 degrees wide angle with up to 6m long distance at 2m height (under 30 degrees Celcuis)
Micro SD Card Slot: YES Add up to 16 GB card for storing your security camera footage
External Alarm I/O: YES I/O device connection
Microphone: YES Built-in for two-way audio transmission
Speaker: YES Built-in for two-way audio transmission
Power Source (+,-10%): 5V / 2A
Operating Temperature: -0℃-40℃
Mobile Surveillance: iPad / iPhone / Android mobile device
Push Video: YES Sends mobile alerts/images to your smartphone or Tablet.
Audio Detection detection: YES
RTC (real-time clock): YES
PTZ control: RS-232, RS-485, Key control (Key assigned)
Motion Detection: YES Detects and records motion
Digital Pan / Tilt / Zoom: YES
Event Notification: YES
Minimum Web Browsing Requirements: Pentium 4 CPU 1.3 GHz or higher, or equivalent AMD
256 MB RAM

AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, 32MB RAM
Windows 7, Vista & XP, DirectX 9.0 or later
Internet Explorer 7.x or later

PDF Version: http://msatec.de/AVTECH/AVN80x_review2.pdf
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