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Club member permissions

Postby EagleEyes » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:58 pm

Below will help you quickly understand where to get your interested information.

● First, things are classified as below:
1. Welcome: Include forum rules and latest news.
2. Approved Dealer Zone: Exclusive information for approved dealers. Only approved dealers can access.
3. General Discussion: Share topics about product features, product applications, and feature requests regarding to all CCTV/IP products.
4. System Integration:Include discussion and Q&A regarding to Push Video SI kit and SDK.

● Second, member permissions are as below:
1. All visitors should register to access.
2. Registered users: Can view every category except for VIP zone.
3. Silver-level dealer: Once you become our approved dealer, you're in silver-level already. You can also view the Silver-level zone to see and downloand exclusive information.
4. Gold-level dealer: The premise is to be a silver-level dealer first. Once you upgrade, you can access into all categories in this club.

*Notice: All users can view and reply the topics in Announcements and FAQS, but unable to post new topics.

Want to know more information about our approved dealer program, please refer to this article or contact
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