IP Solutions AVN801 Review

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IP Solutions AVN801 Review

Postby Gully » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:44 am


The AVN801 is the latest IP security camera from AVTECH’s indoor All-in-one HD IP Camera range.
What sets this range apart from other models and other manufacturers is their ability to be viewed remotely and locally on more or less any OS/browser/mobile platform, and the special feature they all boast which is PUSH VIDEO.
Here is a quick rundown of the main features which we will be talking about
Easy network setup with your iPhone / iPad
1.3 Megapixel with HDTV 720p quality, allowing users to notice minor details more easily
Memory storage built-in for video recording
Push Video support to send an event notification to your iPad,
iPhone and Android mobile device
External alarm I/O device connection
Microphone built-in for audio recording
Remote Surveillance using the free EagleEyes software,very powerfull and multi-functional available from the Apple APP store and Android market.http://www.eagleeyescctv.com/

Like its predecessors the AVN304 and the AVN80X, the AVN801 arrived in a similar rectangle box

Inside I found the following contents:

1x AVN801 IP security camera
1X 5v power supply
1x Stand with screws
1xSoftware CD
1xEthernet cable

The AVN801 front.
You can see the PIR Human Detection Sensor on the lower right side of the camera; the mic is next to the camera lens on the left.

The rear of the AVN801

You can see the Ethernet socket on the top left, power to the right and below the power is the ALARM I/O.

Installing the AVN801 camera:
The location I have chosen for my AVN801 camera is my garden shed, in the past I have had my shed broken into by thieves and had my motorcycle, cycle and tools stolen. So I thought having a security camera fitted there would make it ideal as I would be alerted of any movement in my shed

As the shed is at the bottom of my garden I do not have a Ethernet port there so I decided to use a powerline/homeplug 85mb to make the connection to my router.

I mounted the camera facing the side of the door of my shed, this was easy enough to do and the mount/supplied twists and turns any way you wish to get the camera mounted at the correct angle and it is supplied with screws.


Setting up the AVN801:
Once the AVN801 was contend to my router I set it up using the iPhone method as I found this easy enough to do using AVTECH’s app called EagleEyes which has a free and paid version available for iPhone and Android devices

It was straight forward to setup, you open EagleEyes, click the + icon, then select network search, when It finds your camera you can change the ip address, port number and username/password details etc then click save.
For viewing outside of your local network AVTECH have made like allot easier by setting up their own AVTECH DDNS Server, this comes pre configured so you do not need to setup or sign up to anything it is ready to go and you can view your DDNS address by logging into your camera, all you need to do is make sure you open the port you are using to view your camera, this is also known as “port forwarding”..Details on your particular router can be found at http://www.portforward.com

If you do not have a Smartphone or would prefer setting from your computer you can do so via the browser or the supplied CMS software called VideoViewer

Using the browser the wizard will guide you most of the important setup features and then you can browse the configuration page where you can adjust each setting to your liking


As you can see on the Video option, you can choose from QQVGA all the way up to HD 720P !
This is because the AVN801 features a HD 1.3MegaPixel sensor which will give you fine clear images and video.


This is the supplied VideoViewer application; you can view multiple cameras at the same time locally and remotely.


Above you can see my 4ch DVR, AVN80X and AVN801 all live.

Live viewing.
As I mentioned earlier the AVN801 is viewable on MAC/Windows using Safari/Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers or the supplied VideoViewer application which is free. For Linux you can use Firefox browser. But to use all the functions such as viewing event video(backup) and also defining the motion detection area I reccomend you use IE browser.
For mobile platforms EagleEyes can be installed on iOS and Android devices and is available free for the Lite version or paid for the Plus version.

As you can see from the sample images below, the quality is amazing when viewed locally on your network and even remotely over a mobile 3G connection.

Whilst viewing the camera you have audio thanks to the built in microphone. This can be turned off if you do not wish to hear sound and I found the mic very sensitive.


And the option to change quality to suit your connection type is an advantage you can go from QVGA up to 720P.

The DPTZ (pan,tilt,zoom) feature allows you to zoom and move around the image for closer viewing.


Push Video:
One of the main selling points for the AVN801 is the Push Videofeature. This is where you are alerted within a few seconds on your iPhone/Android mobile when movement has been detected by the AVN801.
A message pops up on your mobile device:


Once you click view you can playback the “event” which will include a 3 second pre-alarm recoding allowing you to view the whole event from start to finish.

You can save the event video on your device and also email from your device.

If you have 3rd party alarm trigger device such as a magnetic door or window contact you can wire this into the I/O port on the back of the AVN801 this will allow the push alerts to be triggered and recoding activated when that contact is closed/opened.
If you prefer, you can use the FTP/MAIL options in the configuration page, here you can select to have the video of the event uploaded to your FTP server or sent via e-mail to your address. The built in memory of 10mb can store footage and is overwritten when another event occurs, or you can select for the events(up to 3) to be not overwritten.


The AVN801 at a glance is a cut down version of the AVN80X; it lacks the LED, Speaker, and SD card slot. This also brings the price down about 60% of the AVN80X price but also allows more people to experience the Push Video feature. Quality is superb when viewing live and beats any other IP camera I have seen on the market.


AVN801 Manual:

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