IP Solutions Review: AVTECH AVN812 Wireless HD IP Camera with Push Video

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IP Solutions Review: AVTECH AVN812 Wireless HD IP Camera with Push Video

Postby SimoHDK » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:32 pm

Hi All,

This week I will be reviewing the new AVTECH AVN812 Wireless IP Camera. Another great addition to the AVN series of IP cameras from AVTECH, and just like all their other products, this model is Mac and iOS compatible! This model builds on the AVN801 (Which I reviewed a few weeks ago…) by adding wireless capabilities and a USB port.

The IP cameras that AVTECH produce are not only well built and reliable, but they include the latest technology in a number of different areas - They are easily pioneers of IP surveillance. Equipped with Push Video Notifications, multi platform EagleEyes software, LED lighting, PIR sensor, alarm I/O support and a 1.3 Megapixel camera, you can see how the AVN812 is part of the cutting edge technology produced by AVTECH.


I found the wireless function of the AVN812 to be a terrific addition (It still includes an ethernet port too, for setup and if your needs change…) because it allowed for a huge amount of flexibility around my home, allowing me to place the camera anywhere there is a powerpoint. I am no longer tied down to an ethernet connection, not to mention the added safety of having less cables. No more running ethernet cable around the skirting boards! In my situation I needed video surveillance in my shed, which does not have an ethernet connection. Considering my home has a wireless router, which reaches my shed, this is the perfect scenario for the AVN812.

What's included with the AVN812:

In the box we find the AVN812 1.3 Megapixel IP Camera, Mounting Bracket, Wireless Antenna and Power Supply.


The AVN812:

Camera front: With Dual Status LED's, Speaker + Microphone (For two way audio) , White LED, PIR Sensor, Antenna, Manual Focus Ring and Image Sensor.


Camera Rear: Ethernet Connection, WPS Setup Button, Reset Button, 5V Power Connection, Bracket Mount and Alarm I/O Ports.



The AVN812 setup is not much different from the other IP cameras in the AVN series from AVTECH, so I won't go into in depth setup as you can find that in my other reviews, as linked at the top. But I will point out the new features in the AVN812 below, where firstly we have the option for a secure connection - HTTPS! As you can see it is an option in the login screen, and in the config menus you can customise the setup of the HTTPS certificates. This provides a larger level of security for the sensitive data being transferred.



Wireless Setup

We also have the setup page for the most important aspect of the AVN812 - 802.11g/b/n Wireless! Providing you with flexible installation options to connect the camera to a network. Setup is a simple process! During the initial setup you will be asked if you would like to join a wireless network, as seen below you have a variety of options, such as configuring the AVN812 with a completely different Static IP / DHCP. Simply click 'Scan' to detect the wireless networks nearby (As seen below), click on your desired network and enter your password if required, and you're done! Now finish the setup, and you're WiFi ready. Unplug the ethernet, enter the IP (Or search the network) and viola, wireless connection!



EagleEyes - Remote Camera Viewing:

With any CCTV system, remote viewing is a highly sought after feature as we all like to keep an eye on our properties whilst we are not present, or perhaps to check for intruders if an alarm has been tripped. Here, AVTECH leaps in front of the competition by offering remote viewing, using their application called EagleEyes on multiple platforms.

Below, in order from top to bottom we have the Windows application, Mac OSX application, iPad iOS App and iPhone iOS App. Not to mention further support on mobile phone platforms (which I do not have access too). There is even an app on for my dated Nokia 6120 mobile!



With such a wide range of applications, including web browser support, only lack of an internet connection should stop you from accessing your cameras!

After extensive use with the AVN812, I have found it to be outstanding, just like the other AVN models from AVTECH. From the continuous operation without faulting, to the clear and crisp image quality, this camera is a clear winner for me. I simply love the easy to use user interface and Mac compatability!

Finally, for some more details and information, below is the major features list and external links to assist.


- Push Video with 5-sec Event Video Call
- Wireless Networking
- High Quality 1.3 Megapixel Sensor
- Human Detection (With PIR sensor)
- Inbuilt Microphone and Speaker
- Alarm I/O Ports (For connectivity to alarm in/out devices)
- Downloadable AVTECH EagleEyes App iPhone / iPad application for Powerful Remote Surveillance.
- Downloadable Mac / PC / Android / Symbian / Blackberry / Windows Mobile video viewing software. AVTECH are still focusing on developing Android and Mac Apps.

Quick Setup with iPhone / iPad

Operation Guide for AVN812

Network Setup for AVN812
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Re: Review: AVTECH AVN812 Wireless HD IP Camera with Push Vi

Postby MikeAvn812 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:41 pm

Hi, How can I use the usb port in the avn812?
I can't find any info about it
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